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About us

About us

  For an enterprise, factories and equipment are its bones providing energy, while corporate culture is its spiritual power showing the company’s appearance. Technology can strengthen bones, while culture can nurture spiritual power. In terms of development, Yu Guangyuan, an economist, said: “The third-rate enterprises rely on production; the second-rate marketing; the first-rate culture.” Greatoo always regards its corporate culture as an important recourse advantage. In its process of development, Greatoo has gradually formed its individual management idea that “Humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is more important than individual value; social value is more important than corporate culture; customers’ value is more important than profit value” and relevant corporate culture. The company takes the responsibility for customers, shareholders, society and the whole country; the country is also responsible for products, each procedures of the production, each worker and workers’ family members. What the company pursues is the mutual development of society, customers, enterprises, shareholders and workers. The company has set up various cultural activities for workers to show their talents and self-value, which strengthens the communication and interaction between workers and the company, cultivating teamwork and improving the cooperation between workers. The standards of “high starting point, high grade and high profits” and the core idea of “higher, faster, stronger and better” motivate each workers and  infiltrate the management of the company, which allows each worker to develop their ability in the development process of the company and the company to fully show its potential, always driving the development of the company. Greatoo’s corporate culture includes common values, determination of starting business, awareness of competition, teamwork and brand building, which is fully shown in the company’s material culture, behaviour culture, system culture and spiritual culture.

Behavior Culture
  The dynamics of the company is reflected in business activities, education activities, interaction activities, recreational and sports activities and ceremonies. If the company’s material culture is its appearance and dressing, corporate culture is its discourse and gesture showing its grace, demeanour and vitality.

Cultural Festival
  The cultural festival is of Greatoo’s characteristics, providing a stage for Greatoo to show its vitality and energy and a chance for workers to show their talents and improve their comprehensive quality.

Deliver Civilization and Build up New Spirit
  In order to strengthen the construction of professional ethics and improve workers’ professional quality, the company organized an activity named “Deliver Civilization and Build up New Spirit”. In this activity, “Ambassadors of Civilization” were chosen to deliver civilization among grass roots and set up optimistic and healthy civilized image; quiz with the theme of “Contesting Knowledge about Civilized Society and Building New Spirit” was held; there were also many supervisors correcting errors during the activities.

Learning, Training, Communicating
  “Knowledge determines one’s fate and study create one’s future.” The most successful enterprises in the future will enterprises good at studying. Studying has become the source of a enterprise’s life, and the speed of studying has become competitiveness. So each member of enterprises need to study to improve themselves. What’s more, individual study should become teamwork study so that the enterprise can become a learning enterprise. What corporate culture shapes is an atmosphere among the enterprises so that workers can always receive new knowledge and ideas and the company can catch up with the times. The company organizes many large training activities for workers in order to build up a learning enterprise. Quiz, communication activities with other companies and training activities are constantly held to enable workers to improve themselves.

  • Christmas party

    Christmas party

  • The Mid-Autumn festival party

    The Mid-Autumn festival party

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    Dragon boat racing

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    Basketball match

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    Tennis Contest

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    Table Tennis Contest

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    Singing contest